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03 June 2035 @ 05:49 pm

I don't really use LJ anymore. Last year I started to lose interest in Japanese street fashion and other stuff I was into, and decided to take a break from it; which ended up making me realize, I have more important shit to think about than "will those socks match this shirt??" and so on. I don't think I was fit to follow any of this stuff anyway, the cost, the rules, the stares, and so on... 
Ah well, at least now my clothes match the gloomy ikikomori-like person that I am? Ahahah. 
Though "less is more" definitely sounds better to me right now.

My life actually hasn't changed in the least. But I thought that leaving behind some of the 'futile stuff' I've been occupying myself with for the last couple of years would help, even if a little. I think it did, though I wouldn't call that 'growing up,' or whatever.

So yeah! This journal doesn't really have a reason to be anymore. I'm keeping it, if only to access some communities once in a while, like the comm sales and some locked stuff, but I'm not keeping up with LJ anymore.
I still get email notifications, so sending me PMs is still a possibility though!

I have a tumblr now, though I mostly use it as an archive of stuff I like, so most of the posts are reblogs and the once a in a blue moon personal post. 

Anyway, I apologize if anyone's wondered if I disappeared or something. I've never been a good friend for that reason, I tend to do that a lot. 

Well, I guess this is goodbye?

- Laura
02 June 2035 @ 10:39 pm
If I've done business with you, I'd apreciate if you could leave a comment in this post describing your experience with me including the following:

Type of feedback: (positive, neutral, negative)
Who are you? (seller, buyer, trader)
Description of experience:

My older feedback on the (now dead) loligoth DBS, which you can find caps of here: 

eglfeedback link: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/551402.html

Thank you!